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Juniper's Story


In a world destroyed by human greed and pride,  in a world where humans have forced themselves underground, is Juniper. Throughout her time in the compound Juniper is fraught with disappearances, murder, suspense, torture, love... Will she live through Jaila's wrath? What secrets will she uncover within the compound and within herself?  Will she overcome all the odds stacked against her? Find out in: HOPE 

This story has a YA (Young Adult) feel but carries the NA (New Adult) genre. This is YA for adults. It will keep you guessing and keep you turning the pages! 

Come back to find out the stores Juniper's story will be sold at when book signings are, and when meet and greets will be! Stay tuned! This is not the end of Juniper's Story ;)

With the story being told through the eyes of Juniper, it really immerses you into the story and gives a more intimate experience to the feelings and actions as the story unfolds. I definitely enjoyed this.  I really felt the author also provided many moments in the book that could be used to continue the book as a series. As a reader, there were a lot of events that were unexpected (at least for me) that I didn't see coming yet after reading it, really drived the story forward. This really kept me wanting to read more.

-Christian R; Verified Purchaser


I really enjoyed it! I read it in 4 day. I would have finished it faster but I have a small child. Its definitely a


page turner. Should u buy this book? Its a big YES!!, from me!

-Tammy P; Verified Purchaser

I really enjoyed reading this book and excitedly await the next one!

-Leila D; Verified Purchaser 

I'm not much of a book reader but this book just makes you want to keep reading it all the way to the end

-John B; Verified Purchaser 

Love the book !!! I would recommend 👌

 -BobbieJo B; Verified Purchaser 


I could feel the sadness behind junipers words when she was describing how she felt leaving her mother to go to the compound for the first time. I think we all deal with this feeling at some point in our lives where we have to leave our loved ones and become adults and venture on our own the feeling really resonated in me. This was a real tear jerker and the author truly captured the anger and anxiety of how Juniper was feeling.

 -Christina R; Verified Purchaser  

Super cute quick story, definitely interested in the next book to see what happens next!

-Rebecca S; Verified Purchaser 

This is an amazing book a must read for sure

-Kyle; Verified Purchaser

Very entertaining and was a quick read! Fingers crossed for a sequel!

-William and Bevin Stepp; Verified Purchaser 

Exciting Book. Great Read. My daughter says she can't put it down.